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Madge Carew-Hopkins
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I'm Madge. I'm a Computer Science / Civil Engineering student at UWA. Believe it or not, I enjoy civil engineering (structural things, anyway), though I'm annoyed that "hydraulics" is really a fancy name for fluid mechanics. Ugh!

I'm an adult, but I act like a five year old girl. I like pink and wearing my hair in pigtails. I am ticklish. On my entire body. I hate being touched on the neck. My sexual orientation changes, roughly, every 2-6 months. I like shiny things. I like earrings, and own far too many. I often wear 5 or 6 bracelets on my left arm. I like wearing skirts. Anything that is rainbow coloured causes me to squee. I can drive, after being on L plates for almost three years, and my car is named Tammy because it is red (figure it out). I "collect" livejournal interests, adding new ones as I think of interests that I haven't added to LJ yet.

(yes, really!)

Most entries before 2007 in my journal are friendslocked, as are a good portion of my recent entries. I accept most friend additions as long as you have some sort of tenative link to me :).

Thanks hikari_no_baka for the awesome picture :)

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