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Current Music:Back Street Boys - As long as you Love me
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:07:32 pm
On Sunday night me and Seb saw a movie called Lake House, which was pretty good.

It was a chick flick, but it wasn't a travesty like I was fearing it might be. That said, it wasn't the bucket of awesome Simone was either. But Simone was one of the best movies I've seen in ages, so that's probably not a fair comparison.

It had a science fiction type theme to it that was sort of "in the background" - it was a plot device that they didn't discuss the physics of or anything, the movie itself was about how Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock wanted to smooch one another.

Basically, because of some sort of magical propreties that are never explained or even touched on, a letterbox outside a house can send letters exactly two years into the future, or into the past.

Reeves lives in 2004-2006 (they correspond over two years), and Bullock lives in 2006-2008, thus their letters go forward and backward in time respectively.


In the middle of the movie, Reeves proposes meeting Bullock in a restaurant in 2006. He is a no-show and this makes Bullock upset so she basically tells him to piss off, and Reeves is constantly trying to win her over again but to no avail.

Towards the end of the movie (after much correspondence between the two people VIA the letterbox), Bullock ends up realising that Reeves died two years ago in a car accident, and she witnessed the accident two years ago but didn't know it was Reeves at the time because she hadn't started talking to him then (if that makes even the remotest sense).

And because of the magical properties of the letterbox, she races to it to send a letter to Reeves telling him not to go to the place he ends up dying, but instead to go to the letterbox because she's there waiting for him. He (presumably) gets the letter and arrives there, and they smooch for a good ten minutes in a rather graphic fashion. Fade to black.


(however I'm discussing the ending of the movie here, so there's probably still spoilers but eh)

I hate paradoxes.

Actually, no, that's not true; I love paradoxes, I think they're fascinating and I would love to read and/or write stories that explore them and all the crazy ways they can be resolved. What I hate is paradoxes that aren't resolved or even acknowledged.

Bullock only went to the letterbox because Reeves died; Reeves only survived because Bullock went to the letterbox. Thus, paradox!

I cringed when I got the hint they dropped in the middle of the movie about how it was probably Reeves who had died in the car crash we saw at the beginning because I was worried about this sort of thing.

But at the end of the movie I was beginning to jump for joy, because I thought they were going to give it a much better ending, albiet significantly sadder.

If I had infinite power over Hollywood I would have made Bullock's character realise it was Reeves who died and be absolutely broken hearted at having shunned her one true love and thus lost him, &c.

The movie would have ended like this:
[scene in Reeves's brother's architecture firm]
Bullock: Who drew this?
Brother: My brother did. He died two years ago today, actually.
Bullock: What? (she would look shocked, but then she would go all teary eyed)
Bullock's boyfriend who she doesn't really love because she's in love with Keanu Reeves: What's wrong, honey? (hugs her, a tear slides down her cheek for dramatic effect, but he can't see it)
Bullock: N... nothing.
BBWSDRLBSILWKR: Did you know him?
Bullock: No.

She stares ahead, with sad eyes, and sad music plays for a few seconds, and it fades to black.

Next (possibly with the credits running to the right so that way people whose boyfriends watch the credits have something to watch ;)), there would be a montage of her and her boyfriend getting married, her being pregnant a couple of times and doing housewife things. It would have sad music and she would often stare with sad eyes during this montage because she's so broken hearted at not having Keanu Reeves. The final scene in the montage would have very quiet music, and it would be her, at about 50 or so, getting into bed next to her husband (both wearing pyjamas of course). She would be hugging him from behind, and she would smile a sad smile and a tear will fall from her eyes. The camera would then pull back slowly, and either show she has a bundle of Reeve's letters beside her bed, or, more likely, that she has the picture he did of the Lake House on the wall in her room.

Fade to black.

I like my ending better.

Seriously though the movie was alright. I just hated the paradox at the ending.

Some dinosaur comics, both related to my post and to inside jokesCollapse )
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Current Music:Stargate Season 6 Episode 21 - Prophecy
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:02:30 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
Yesterday was fun.

Seb wasn't on the bus again, which didn't surprise me one bit because once he fails to catch the bus, the rest of the week is hopeless. Usually he catches it every day except Friday.

Seb had been instructed to do two questions (i.e. half) of the maths assingment. Eckley and I had done the other two. Without him being there on Friday, the day it was due, we would either need to do the two questions ourselves, or contact him and find out whether he was coming in. Becuase I forgot my phone, Eckley couldn't go home and leave me to get Seb, which would be the normal agenda. So Eckley tried to phone Seb and there was no answer, so Eckley did one of the questions, and I took notes on the lecture we were in and in my spare moments thought about the other question. I had a brainwave that ultimitely proved to be futile, so after the lecture I asked a smarter student than I how to do it, he explained how to do it, I thanked him and was confident that if I had 20 minutes I could write down some numbers and give an answer.

Still no responce from Seb at the end of the lecture. I think it was me who (half) jokingly suggested we take the bus to Seb's house and wake him up. Eckley was all "Nah", a pause, and said "We'll drive, it's quicker", so we drove to Seb's house with me navigating as best I could in an area with which I had no familiarity whatsoever.

We arrived at Seb's house and knocked. Seb's dad answered, looked somewhat amused and said "he's still asleep, I'll go wake him", and so we went into the house. Seb's dad went into Seb's room and this conversation was heard:
"Sebastian, Madge and Alex are here"
"... you're joking"

And me and Eckley burst out laughing, at which point Seb said he realised that his Dad wasn't bullshitting.

So Seb's dad gave us some water while Seb got up and dressed, talked with Eckley about the Lewin because apparently it's been some time since he's seen Eckley while I'm at Seb's house every other weekend.

Then Seb gave us the maths assingment and directions for the best way back to uni and we talked in general for a few minutes. However I had a tute at 10 so Eckley took me back to uni. He went through some traffic lights that I *told* him Seb's directions SAID to turn left at, he refused to believe me and we went the wrong way and had to do a u-turn. So I'm going to forever hold that over him.

Then I went to my tute, didn't really pay attention because I couldn't be stuffed, and then went to Cameron Hall hoping Seb would be there, he wasn't, but he did say he'd come in so I waited around and he came and then we managed to get a game of Settlers. We played three games of settlers in all, so about 6 hours. The third game we packed in though because we couldn't be stuffed. It was more talking than playing anyway, it was awesome fun. It was also good to see Seb because for some reason even though I managed to go for a whole month without actively missing him more than a couple of times, ONE DAY AWAY FROM SEBASTIAN WAS LIKE OMGHELLHORROR. Nah not really but it was good to see him regardless.

Then I got home at about 7, watched some stargate, and went to sleep. I was very tired.
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Current Music:Love Actually Soundtrack - christmas is all around
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:Glurge. I'm so sorry.
Time:06:05 pm
Current Mood:touchedtouched
Warning: This entry is glurge. It will likely nauseate you. But I'm writing it anyway. Sorry D:
Part of being female is having mood swings. I have to admit I haven't really ever "felt" my mood swing before today, I just find I get pissed off some nights more than anything.

Today during my E&E lecture I was all happy happy normal Madge, until about 10 minutes before the end, when I suddenly felt very, very angry for no good reason (unless, for some reason, I have a deep-seated anger towards linear approximations of diode behaviour I'm not currently aware of). I don't mean mad, I mean ANGRY, like, full of hell-fire. I wanted to pull at my hair and wave my arms around and growl. To give you an idea how damn ANGRY I was, Seb was sitting next to me and was clicking his pen, which is something that is quite well within his character to do because he fidgets a lot. Even though it wouldn't normally irritate me and I knew that he probably didn't notice he was doing it, and even if he did, it's not like he was doing it to annoy me, I was on the verge of snapping at him and telling him to stop clicking the damn pen. At the same time I was thinking "it's a friggin' pen clicking, he's not doing it on purpose, lighten up" and I managed to restrain myself.

When the lecture ended I was still feeling pissed AS. The rational part of me decided to warn the people around me, so I said "Seb, I'm in evil bitch from hell mode for no reason, so I'm apologising in advance if I say anything snappy. I don't mean it, hopefully I'll calm down soon."
He smiled at me and rubbed my arm.

I can only explain what happened by saying Seb was probably a ground, because my anger was grounded and I felt good again. That was a poor analogy.

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Current Location:uwa
Subject:My notes I took during GENG
Time:01:58 pm
Current Mood:lethargiclethargic
The Introduction to Professional Engineering lecture today was about doing oral presentations. In an effort to make the lecture more interesting for me, I took notes while trying to include as many double entendres as possible. Here it is, for your amusement, assuming of course IPE is capable of causing anyone to be amused, which I doubt...

- how to be effective orally
- will help us pass units
- we can be really good at oral
- need oral practise to get good

Main topics:
- purpose of good oral
- wualities of good oral
- preparation for oral
- how oral is assessed
- tips on good oral

Explaining results
Conferences --> Pimpress people w/your oral

Competitive world requires good oral skillz

- Knowledge of "area"
- Preparation and Practise (planned well)
- Orgy-isation
- "Visual aids" (ie pr0n)
- know your "audience"
- Make it short and "to the point"
- Confidence
- Enthusiasm, make it enjoyable


Think about:
area you want to enter
involvement with technology
"where" i might contribute

--> use appropriate words
--> interest "audience"
--> make it short (2 mins)
--> "visual aids"

- what will audience get out of you
- what do they already have "familiarity" with
- what do they "need"

15% Intro - "set the scene", "orient" audience - 15 sec
70% "Body" - "main massage" - 1.5 minutes
15% Concl - "highlight" "main points" - 15 sec

choose one "cntral massage"
eg "i see myself making a fortune and retiring at 35"

"unscripted" > "scripted"
(keep a plan though)

diagrams are good
"24 point" 7 wds/line, 7 lines/pg

--> Pretend you know what you're doing
. smile :D
. breathe out - remember to
. focus on massage
. keep structure
. think about your "audience"

- be strong, powerful at beginning so they remember
- "use" your hands
- oral variety
- include the "back" with your oral pres
- pauses
- make eye contact
- appear relaxed - posture

- force people to help you practise and give feedback
--> "use" your pets
- make sure you give a PERFORMANCE

remember, KISS


Yes, that was pathetic and sad, and I used lots of inverted commas.

I need a life.
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Time:09:54 am
Current Mood:boredbored
You know what sucks about living an hour and a half away from uni with bus connections that are dubious at best during the day?


It would be like:

Madge arrives home.

Madge looks at the clock.

"Well I have to leave for uni in half an hour. What's on TV?"

Madge watches Dr Phil for half an hour.

Madge goes back to uni.

Madge goes to her lecture.

Madge goes home.

Not worth the time.

You know what would be worth the time? Me doing work instead of writing journal entries! But ha ha ha, sif that's going to happen.

(This is the part where I start my IPE work, hopefully)
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Subject:I'm back
Time:09:01 am
Did anyone notice I was gone? No? Oh well!


We were in Thailand for a month, a place famed for its unruly and dangerous roads where everyone darts around everywhere, there are no drink driving rules to speak of (or they're not enforced if there are) and cars overtake with no thought to the risks involved.

This is the closest call we had to a traffic accident on the entire trip:

On the way home from the airport my Dad was driving. It was about 1am and the roads were empty. Dad almost missed a turn off, and the car skidded at an alarming speed and finally came to a stop just inches from a traffic sign.


Also my brother got chicken pox. Of all things to catch in a foreign country, chicken pox........

He almost didn't get allowed to fly home, which would have resulted in me being all by myself for a few days while things were sorted :((.

Thankfully he got cleared and the whole family is back!

I just had a maths lecture and it was the most mind-numbingly boring experience of my life.

I've had like 4 hours of sleep, I need not be responsible for my actions.
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Subject:From Thailand
Time:06:52 pm
This is a quick note from Madge in Thailand:

Everything is cool.


Thankyou Stuart for believing in me! I probably would've failed AMEC without you telling me there was still hope! Though 63% == they scaled the HELL out of it!


Who's got their post cards? Did they arrive safe? What was my penmanship like? Did I spell your name wrong?

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Current Music:Emerson Drive - I should be sleeping
Time:11:26 pm
Current Mood:creativecreative

This is my journal, and it's largely a friends only journal. That is, the posts you see when you're not my friend are far INFERIOR to the ones you see if you ARE my friend*.

Perks of being my LJ friend:

- You get to read me btiching about people who AREN'T on my friendslist (SUCKS TO BE THEM HA HA HA!)**
- You get to comment on my weekly post saying "If you could speak to someone who wants to read my journal but can't because THEY ARE NOT ON MY FRIENDS LIST, what would you say?", full of much jokes and laughter**
- You will have me arguing with you about who The Mole is and laughing at you when Heidi got eliminated***
- You will get to enjoy my attention whore photographs
- You will be able to enjoy the sheer THRILL of an elistist white bread**** private school girl raving about how great she is and how you're inferior.




* Being my friend on my LJ does not imply that you are my friend IRL or that I will in any way shape or form lend you money, property or intellectual rescources

** No gurantee is made about the quantity or viciousness****** of such bitching

*** Any references to actual people, places or events is unintentional and purely coincidental *******

**** The similarity of Madge to bread of any form is by no means guaranteed to be of any significance whatsoever, and no racism is implied in the use of the word 'white' over 'brown' or even 'black'

***** Not a gurantee

****** Viciousness is a purely objective concept and what may be considered vicious by Madge would be considered tame by You

******* Except if you're talking about dariddler ;)
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Current Music:Barenaked Ladies - Too Little Too Late
Time:05:30 pm
Current Mood:pessimisticpessimistic
Well, today I did a titration practical test.

I was confident of it, really - simple hydrochloric acid VS standard sodium carbonate. Didn't even have to create a standard.

We got about 100ml of each that was to last us the whole thing.

I pipetted 20mL of sodium carbonate into a conical flask and put methyl orange into it.

I had elected ot have the HCl in my burette so I poured some in to run through and give it a clean. unfortunately, I put about 20mL in, which was disaster right away seeing how I only had 100mL to work with.

So I put a funnel in the top of my burette and tipped the beaker of clear, colourless solution into it. I noticed the burette was only a third full (crap), and asked the teacher if I could have more HCl. he said you have to deal with what you're given, and then I noticed the black pen on my beaker that proclaimed what I had just poured into my HCl-rinsed burette as Na2CO3.

So I had to discard the Na2CO3 in the conical flask and use HCl.

I ended up having to get more Na2CO3, for which 10% has been deducted (d'oh). Did a rough titration and then a more accurate one, and I was setting up to do a second accurate one when, much to my dismay, I was something like 2mL off having the 20mL needed for the pippette to fill. Needless to say, I was livid at only having one useful value, but reasoned I didn't want to lose another 10% form gettin gmore HCl so I just dealt with it, using the only value I had.

Anyway, ended up with a concentration of 1.2 mol/L (but with more sig figs), which isn't /too/ bad seeing how the HCl was approx. 1 M in concentration.

I was quite upset though, stuffing up so royally.

At least I can do calculations well, I'm just a disaster when it comes to actually touching anything.

(If anyone is curious about any terms I used, go nuts with commenting and I'll explain. Because I like attention!)

EDIT: I have some pictures of things. Two are cut but one is included.

Read more...Collapse )

A titration in photo form for the easily confused
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Time:04:26 pm
We went to gnomesville yesterday; it was pretty cool.

Here are some photosCollapse )

I do have bigger versions of them all if people are curious =)
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Current Music:Gary Jules - Mad World
Time:11:24 pm
Just because I think it's amusing that I make 12 posts in this forum and am 2/3 the way to banamation.

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Current Music:Tim McGraw - Please Remember Me
Time:08:45 pm
Current Mood:chirpy
Chemistry today was awesome.

For homework, we had to do general graphs for how the pH changes during the course of a titration (what's pH stand for anyway?)

Anyway, Mr Callus drew some blank graphs on the board in pairs, one above the other (Example: How the pH goes when a weak acid is added to a strong base / strong base added to a weak acid), and he asked for a volunteer to do it.

I volunteered because no-one looked like they were gonna. Mr Callus asked me to choose someone to do the graph that went with mine. I chose Clint.

Clint: Do you want to do the top graph or the bottom?
Me: I'd like to be on top thanks.

Because we year 12s are very crude, everyone found that hilarious.

So I drew my graph. I made it a tad too curvy because I can't draw for shit.

Nick (a guy who is cool) called from the class:

"That's a great straight line there!"

I decided to go: "Could you do better, Nick?"
Nick: *silence*
Me: I'd like to see you do better. Come on, come up here and do better! *raised voice by now*
Nick: *silence*
Me: *walks over to Nick's desk, puts the whiteboard marker on it* You go up there and you draw your graph.
Nick: *doesn't do anything*
Me: Come on. Go do it.
Nick: *goes and does a straigher graph after a pause*
Mr Callus: I can see why she wanted to be on top, now.

I was so proud of myself.

Nick is cool, though.

It's kinda funny how much innuendo we can get away with in a Catholic school.

... I'm fine. Honnetment.
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Current Music:Emerson Drive - Say My Name
Time:11:15 pm

note: words that are meant to have accents more often than not don't.

pas grave
Literally: Not serious
Actually: "It's no problem", "I don't mind", etc

a demain
Literally: at tomorrow
Actually: See you tomorrow. (Same thing)

Meme chose
Literally: Same thing.
Actually: Same thing, but I'm not sure if the French use it to mean that. I often used "meme chose" in France to ask if things were the same, but I'm not sure if the fact I don't speak french meant they let me use that phrase even though it didn't nessecarily mean that. But it should.

Plus (Pronounced Ploos, rhyming with loose (as in, a loose thread))
Literally: More (used with an adjective - e.g. plus cher = more expensive.)
Actually: I'll say something like "This font is plus cool", meaning this font is cooler.

Literally: Really / Truly

Pas Vraiment
Literally: Not really


Though this one isn't French, I say it often enough it should go here.

Literally: "As was demonstrated" - used to signify solving a complex maths problem. Basically a fancy way of saying "Wooo! I got the right answer!"
Actually: I tend to use it to say "I'm right".

Actual conversations with QED in them for better context:


Me: I doubt there's anyone who's 100% satisfied with themselves. I know I'm not, even though I tell myself I should be, cause, face it, I'm sexy.
Anna: I think I look fine. I think I'm pretty. I know other people who think I look fine. I know people wo don't think I look fine. But what they would find attractive I would find hideous.
Me: see rex in my display pic? I'm sexier than him. QED bitch, I'm sexy as hell.
Anna: you are ^^

Me: what else is there to do on leavers apart from drink?
(f)CaZ(f): okay u make a point there

Me: MSN 7 sucks.
Jazzy: Why bother with MSN 7 in the first place?
Me: I got MSN 7 because MSN 6 kept stuffing up. QED

Knoxxy: it seems madge has a strong hate for cav?
Me: He comments on my names, saying how they're unfunny
Me: by doing so he admits he's a fuckface
Knoxxy: hahaha
Me: QED really

[Context: Arun was saying I didn't know the value of property / hard work or something. Yeah, I know he's a chat speak nightmare, but for some reason I find his chatspeak comforting]
Me: I own a bunch of stuff
Arun: like?
Me: like a gameboy, and a gameboy game, and a computer
Arun: n i supposed u paid for these with ur
Me: oh, so gifts don't count?
Arun: umm...they do actually
Me: Then QED

Willy: sine when is the skeith a dragon?
Me: since always?
Me: it's a big fat dragon
Willy: i saw it like a gigantic slothy lizard
Me: it's got wings and a triangle tail. QED

[To Deku]
Me: america has daylight savings
Me: ergo neo has daylight savings
Me: QED btich

Me: The romans had an eight day week, egyptians had a seven day week. The romans adopted that week cause they liked it better, and since rome had most of europe eventually it became universal. QED

Me: pfft, I hate people
Tazza: lol
Tazza: no you dont
Me: do too
Me: except if they're sexy
Tazza: lol fair enough


And that's every documented incident of me using QED in one of my chatlogs. Wow.
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Time:12:47 am
Found the funniest thing ever.

It's just like this guy I know, Isaac, and his RE assingment. It was great. He actually handed it in and got full marks, believe it or not. Man it was good.

Random note: I love this song.

Other random note: I made a friends only entry with just the text "friends only entry" 30 seconds ago. If you can't see it, post here and I'll add you as a friend so you may be able to view the sheer WONDER of the joy of my LJ.
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Current Music:Joe Nichols - The Impossible
Time:09:12 pm
Current Mood:crankycranky
Let's have some pet IM peeves, huh?

  • When the conversation goes like this:
    Them: Hey
    You: Hey
    Them: Sup?
    You: Not much
    --- silence ---

  • When you have a conversation with someone, and it peters out. Then, 30 or more minutes later (after you've closed the window) a window opens with them proclaiming proudly "gtg"

  • When someone tries to talk to you, but you're not in the mood to talk to them so you hope they will tire of talking to you eventually, but they end up going "Hello?" or "You there?" and of course your moral fibre kicks in and you have to say "Yes, sorry about that, I was busy" rather than admit you were being rude.

  • on MSN - When your display name is either not meant to be funny or an inside joke, and someone asks you to explain the name to them.

  • When people refuse to talk to you in anything but chtspk. They won't stop talking in it if you say "I don't like it, it's hard to read"; it actually takes you saying you're from an obscure non-English-speaking European country to have them stop it.

  • When you're talking to someone in a language other than your native one, and the person attempts to teach you their language's chtspk rather than having the courtesy to stop speaking in it (I met someone like this. I eventually managed to get it through to them they I can't read French of they're writing pk for "pourquoi" and such, but it was anoying at the time)

  • People who take 2 hours to finish their "goodbye" messages

  • When people you know IRL get your e-mail and you have no idea how, because they are someone you secretly dislike and you wouldn't give it to them normally.

That's all I can think of for now. Comments?
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Current Music:Rascal Flatts - Dry Country Girl
Time:09:06 pm
Who can resist a photo of a cute little kitty? Seriously.



There was an old farmer who lived on a rock
He stood in the meadow just shaking his
Fist at some boys who were down by the crick,
Their feet in the water, their hands on their...

More lines of this epic to follow.
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Current Music:Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
Time:09:39 pm

What does this guy mean by dancing with himself?

Read more...Collapse )

It's playing now. I like the song, but it sounds so DIRTY.
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Time:02:40 pm
You have to love radio station slogans.

We have four pop-ish stations, all of them are like "We're the best station of them all!" (Like, "Perth's Best Music", "All The Hits" etc)

Then we have the religous one, which is basically music with some bible passages read out occaisionally. Its slogan? "No Hate, No Hurt, No Ridicule".

Then we have the country music station, which is brand new. Its slogan? "Perth's Only Country Music Station!"

Translation: If you want any country, you're listening to us regardless of what sort of shit we play and regardless of how much ads we have for UPHOLSTERY.

I thikn I'm just a little bitter they don't play any good stuff.

But, seriously. They're just sticking it in your face you're stuck listening to them.

They're lucky our 4 pop stations can keep me amused most of the time. Or I would have to do something horrible like listen to them.

Stupid people. I wonder if they've ever played a Rascal Flatts song?

I only listen to the radio in the car. Because I always have the passanger seat, and thus OWN the radio.
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Time:11:34 pm
Giving Stargate : Atlantis another episode to prove itself to me proved to be not such a bad idea.

It's getting better. A single episode really can't establish too much.

Not sure if it'll ever have the same space in my heart that SG-1 had, but I think I could grow quite fond of it.
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Current Music:Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet - Margaritaville
Time:06:42 pm
Current Mood:worriedworried
I've been having really really bad feeligns in general lately.

Like, I'm worried in general about every last damn one of my friends. I wish I knew exactly why.

I lay awake last night with an intense feeling of worry. Seriously.

I've got a feeling something really bad is going to happen soon.

I hope it's just me being stupid.

I hope it's nothing to do with Dom, I hope she's not feeling down on herself like I was a few weeks ago, cause if she was that'd explain it.

She seems fine though.

I hope it's nothing to do with Anna, she seems to be getting into some dangerous situations lately. But she's way tougher than I'll ever be, so I'm sure she'd be fine.

I hope it's nothing to do with Willy. He lives in Alaska for the moment after all, and Mooses (meese?) are dangerous.

I hope it's nothing to do with me. Cause I own.

I hope it's nothing to do with Carly. I don't think anything's happening to her lately though, so that's good.

I hope it's nothing to do with Tonya. She hasn't mentioned anything's been going down, and I'm sure she would've if it had, so that's okay then. I guess.

I'm mostly worried about Dom though.

Damn empathy. Or is it sympathy?

Damn one or the other to hell.

Or should I just say "Damn me knowing how she feels and as a result being really worried about her to hell"?

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Time:10:40 am
You know what I should do? Calculate the speed at which Kreludor should orbit Neopia.

It'd be difficult though. I think I'd need the mass of one of the planets and the distance at which it orbits. Though I could estimate everything, assuming the map of neopia is to scale.
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Time:10:00 am
I'm so mean to n00bs.

n00b: How did you get so rich and so good at games?!
Me: I'm not rich or good at games.
n00b: Then how did you get so many trophies?!
Me: Because the island mystic will give you a random trophy if you get a fortune that says "trophy" in it. You can only get one fortune a day, so you have to keep going back and hope you get lucky.
n00b: Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Current Music:The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Subject:Stargate Atlantis
Time:10:47 pm
Current Mood:disappointeddisappointed
I love stargate!

You should see the spin-off, Stargate: Atlantis. It is the best series ever.

It is SO original. I mean, there are these aliens called Wraiths, right? And because they don't have enough food, they eat humans! It's so completely unlike anything - even work done by well-known science fiction writers such as HG Wells - that I'm in shock.

And look at the way these wraiths look! Forget the Goa'uld - these are REAL aliens! They have paler skin with a sort of purple tinge to it, sort of red hair, dark bags under their eyes, and LONG FINGERNAILS. These are definately the product of evolution in a far away galaxy, guys!

Then, of course, we have the great characters! I mean, you thought the original stargate had good characters? You couldn't be more wrong! This one is brilliant.

The guy who seems to be the hero is utterly unique.

He only came into the whole thing by accident when they found out he was really good at operating this alien technology because he had a super-gene. And he's had a bit of a bad military track record before, but that's not stopping anyone, right?

This guy is the totally casual, down to earth sort. He's not much for formality or really taking orders from his military superiors seriously. He is noble and will never give up on anyone, no matter what the odds!

And he uses his street smarts to save the day!

Then, of course, we have the tightly wound woman character who is mostly there to fly the female flag. She's stiff and formal, but she does have a softer side as we find out from the fact she leaves a boyfriend/fiance/husband/brother/whatever behind.

She's unable to see anything but the rules, but the street-smart guy is going to put a stop to that by giving her a chance to relax!

You know what would be a witty and original thing for the scriptwriters to do? Have romance between these two people!

.... If sarcasm could kill, I think I'm going to be in GAOL for a very long long time.....
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Time:06:20 pm
Retreat was fun.

Last night we had a concert.

Mr Williams says to me, 6 hours before the concert:

"What are you doing for the concert?"
"... Nothing."
"Well, do something! Sing or dance!"
"Dude, I can't sing."
"Plenty of people have got famous because they can't sing. That guy on american idol for one." (Don't know who he was talking about. Yeah, American Idol is shown in Australia. and you thought it was just survivor! They tried australian survivor but it was a flop, cause it's more fun when they're americans for some reaosn. I think it's Jiffy Probst who is the driving force behind survivor's rockingness)
"Well, I won't sing."

Then I think over it. And I decide I'll sing "Carrot Juice Is Murder" by the Arrogant Worms.

Then I decide, two hours before the concert, to sing "Ensemble Pour Toujours". So I sang it. By myself. An entire song. In french. From memory. With no other singers or music or anything.

The hardest part was when I sit back down and they're like "Hey! Go back up there and tell us what it meant!" and I'm like "Dude."

Because I knew what each of the lines MEANT, but it was signfiicantly harder to translate it into some sort of decent english. Especially because I had to simaltaneously remember the song and translate the lines. And I remember songs because I remember the lines in sequence, so thinking "nous sommes inseperable" then translating it, then trying to think of the next line is harder than it sounds.

I wish I Was bilingual!

On a sadder note, the suxr0zness of Fanny not being able to come to Australia is large.

Cause she can't. Cause she's poor.

She said she might be able to come a bit later on, like in October, but by herself. I'd like her to do that. But maybe after I've finished my TEE exams so I don't have to worry about schoolwork.

I need to reply to that email.

Feh. So not in a french typing out mood right now :P
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Time:07:45 pm
oh. and it's my birthday tomorrow. shower me with expensive gifts or face horrible tortures.

If it's not encrusted with diamonds, I don't want it.
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Time:07:44 pm
Should I make Polonius a male royalgirl scorchio, just for the amusingness factor?

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Current Music:Puretone - Totally Addicted To Bass
Subject:My school's sick bay woman is a witch
Time:01:34 pm
Current Mood:sicksick
If you went to my school, you'd know that already.

Anyway. Yes. I've been sick the last two days. Sux0rs. Today I have a chem test so I went to school, because I felt better yesterday and so I decided to give it a go today. felt worse.

Added to that, at recess it's pointed out that I have a period stain on my school uniform. Lovely!

So I go to sick bay. Mrs Hywood is there. She's old and ugly.

She puts me into a room, puts a transluscent sheet in front of the door to screen me off, and tells me to put on a school uniform that's hanging up there.

Whoever that school uniform was designed for has the weirdest body on the PLANET. It was designed for someone who had a lot of weight (as in, it was very baggy), and it was also very short.

So I wait about 15 minutes for Hywood to finish talking to the other teachers at the photocopyer etc, and she says "did it fit". I go "No", and I tell her I've been sick the last few days and I only came to school today because of my chem test.

I told her I couldn't really hack the chem test today because I'm not feeling well, and I wasn't able to concentrate etc during my last two classes. She rolls her eyes, obviously annoyed, and walks off. brings in two uniforms. One is too short, the other won't even fit around my thighs when I try and put it on.

I tell her they don't fit. She looks at me and goes "What are we going to do then?"

Oh. And did I mention that she did not offer me a tampon, a pad, anything? Even though it's quite obvious that I would NEED one. Result being I didn't want to sit down for fear I'd "leak" all over the school's stuff.


So she rings up Mum. I tell her not to disturb her at work. She does it anyway. Doesn't get through to Mum, leaves a message.

I really can't be bothered telling the rest of the story. Long story short, I got picked up by Dad, went to a medical centre, got some placebo pills. Just have a generic sore throat.

The doctor was a champignon. I luffs him. <3
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Current Music:Jack off Jill - Underjoyed
Time:06:36 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished

Finally, he's finished (except his petpage of course, but I'm loathe to do the petpages of my shakespearian pets because, really, what exactly am I meant to do?)

... If anyone posts and says "He looks a million np!", I'll be most dissapointed.

He looks at least 2,000,000np.

(An actual estimate tells me he cost around 2,050,500np in total - but damn that circle pose is worth it)

....... Am I the only one who gains some sort of amusement from German neopets? I had to attach my Whinny in German, because of the letter thing. I hate attaching in Japanese etc because I like having english characters. Heh.


On an IRL note:

A guy in another school, Trinity College (High Schools here often call themselves X College, because it sounds professional), in year 12 (age 16-17) killed himself over the long weekend. A few people at my school knew him, including the guy who gave me a lift home with his Dad on Friday. I wasn't one of them. Puts things in perspective though, makes me feel dumb that the thought of doing something like that entered my mind at all when I saw how all these people in a completely different SCHOOL got effected by it.

So, yes, nice little bit of melancholy.
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Current Music:Weezer - Undone
Time:07:52 pm
Current Mood:sadsad
Let's do the good old pros and cons.

The subject of this pro-age and con-age is:


Backstory: At the beginning of December, I had a great friendship group. This was the friendship group as it stood then.

Emma - my best friend, got along with her the best, we were great mates.
Carly - close second to Emma, she is a general champion and great to talk about nitty gritty sort of issues with.
Tom - Great guy, into computers, not too proud to hang out with the girls. Fun to argue goodnaturedly with about the PC VS Mac Debate
Loretta - Annoying. Complains a lot; total pessimist. Wasn't much going for her.
Dominique - Quiet. Tends to follow Loretta in everything.
Lisa - Great on her own, but her and Loretta tend to do nothing but talk to one another.

The friendship group as it stands at the beginning of this school year, 2 weeks ago, and still stands:

Emma - Won't speak to me because she's too stubborn to put a petty argument behind her.
Carly - Same as always, though she doesn't speak to me much because she's usually having fun with Emma.
Tom - Won't sit with us any more because he wants to be a "guy" again.
Loretta - Ditto to her last entry, only she's more annoying because...
Lisa - Loretta and Lisa always talk to one another about inside jokes that only they get, and TV shows they only watch.
Dominique - Again, quiet and doesn't say anything.

So, really, the entire dynamic of the group has changed. But these are people I love, people who I was great friends with for two years or so. I knew some sort of fracture in the friendship group was bound to happen, but I didn't know it would be me who would be worst off.

Today Carly was home sick, and I realised that if it's not for her I don't have any involvement with the group anymore. I'm ignored more or less totally.

So, I'm doing up pros and cons.

Again, these are the pros of LEAVING. The place I am planning on leaving to is another more popular friendship group with this girl called Michelle who I confided the whole shitty deal in during maths class one day, and she's been so nice to me ever since it's not funny....


  • I'll get to talk to someone during lunch

  • I won't feel completely and utterly useless.

  • I might get invited to go to the movies, concerts etc with new friends

  • My slowly dwindling self esteem might pick up

  • If I'm in a higher popularity tier, I might not be teased so much by the younger kids in the school (Yes, I'm a year 12, and the year 8s, 9s, and 10s tease the hell out of me)


  • Perhaps Michelle only meant to get me back on my feet with my own friends. Perhaps she might resent me moving in on hers. Though she offered to let me go in her group's limo and to sit at their table at the school ball, so who knows?

  • I'm not entirely sure who Michelle's friendship group is. The general feeling I get from the group is that they're all nice people who sit together at lunch, but I'm not sure if they'd like me.

  • I'd need to make new friends. I cannot make new friends; believe it or not, I'm not very talkative when it comes to personal matters. I'll say random shit about ... random shit. But I won't talk about myself and stuff, so friends of mine never get to know me. I guess that's why my current friendship group is pearshaped.

  • Change. So late in my school career, too. Perhaps it's better to just live it out for the next three terms; Emma could be over it by next week....

  • They could be the sort of people who have those good ol' boozy drug-filled parties. That's not the sort of thing I want to do with my time. Some people might like it, but not me. I want to be a boring old person who doesn't have any fun with drugs and alcohol. Couldn't think of anything worse than a party full of alcohol and drugs. and, yes, I am not exaggerating when it comes to some of the stuff I overhear in class.

I don't know what to do.

This entry is public, because even though it's quite personal I really need all the help I can get on this.

I guess it's obvious what I should do... but I'm... really bad at doing stuff. Obviously.
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Time:08:52 am
WHY do people think I'm an AIM robot? This is like the 7th time it's happened.

So irritating though, I hate people thinking I'm a forking robot.

PaYPaYStAr: hi
PaYPaYStAr: who r u?
PaYPaYStAr: hello
PaYPaYStAr: ??
PaYPaYStAr: madge it's been a long time!

Madge the 1337: Who are you?
PaYPaYStAr: a robot
PaYPaYStAr: who are you?
Madge the 1337: Madge
PaYPaYStAr: ok and are you a robot too?
Madge the 1337: Nope
PaYPaYStAr: oh really
Madge the 1337: Really
PaYPaYStAr: well do you play pranks on people like my friend said?
PaYPaYStAr: and you are a robot
Madge the 1337: I don't think I play pranks, and I'm not a robot.
Madge the 1337: What did your friend say about me?
PaYPaYStAr: well she said you said to her oh, brittit's been a long time
PaYPaYStAr: and she didn't kno you
Madge the 1337: I never said that, it's not even something I'd say dude
PaYPaYStAr: dude?
Madge the 1337: I say dude a lot. It's my thing.
PaYPaYStAr: ya i under stand you are stupid :)
Madge the 1337: Hey, don't call me stupid!
Madge the 1337: How the heck does me saying dude make me stupid?
PaYPaYStAr: oh well why didn't it say you were typing if you have a real s/n
Madge the 1337: I don't know, I don't use AIM, I use a prog called Trillian
Madge the 1337: I also type quite fast so you might've missed it
Madge the 1337: I'm like, 100 words a minute?
PaYPaYStAr: so that makes you a robot stupid
Madge the 1337: Um, no it doesn't.
Madge the 1337: www.trillian.com
Madge the 1337: It's a good program, runs AIM MSN and Yahoo and ICQ and IRC all at once
PaYPaYStAr: if u are real y don't u type like me
Madge the 1337: Because I'm not a stupid dickwad who uses internet slang.
Madge the 1337: Believe it or not, there are quite a few people who don't use internet slang around
PaYPaYStAr: loser
Madge the 1337: Don't call me a loser, you're a loser if you don't even write an intelligable english sentance.
Madge the 1337: if u want me 2 i cen typ lik dis
Madge the 1337: sheesh
PaYPaYStAr: OMG ur so dumn
Madge the 1337: you can't even spell dumb right dude
Madge the 1337: HOw am I dumb? You're the one who's got it in your head that I'm a robot
PaYPaYStAr: freak ok b a nerd oh no i don't spell dumb rite
Madge the 1337: I am a nerd dude, why the heck did you message me in the first place?
Madge the 1337: For crying out load, what'd I do to have you think I'm a robot? 8-)\
PaYPaYStAr: wat
Madge the 1337: You think I'm an AIM robot.
PaYPaYStAr: ya cause u r
Madge the 1337: What can I do to prove I'm not? Geez
PaYPaYStAr: 2 say ur a loser
Madge the 1337: I'm a loser, at least according to this person who seems to think I'm a robot o_O....
Madge the 1337: oooh, your new buddy icon has thongs in it!
Madge the 1337: er, we call them thongs in australia. flip-flops I guess is what they're called overseas
PaYPaYStAr: huh\
PaYPaYStAr: wat i have a chikfill a icom dumbo
PaYPaYStAr: icon*
Madge the 1337: no, you have two thongs, then "we be a fliping and a flopin"
Madge the 1337: you've just changed it now
Madge the 1337: that's an odd looking dog oO
PaYPaYStAr: a never had that icon wat r u talking about?
PaYPaYStAr: I*
Madge the 1337: You did because I saw it on you
PaYPaYStAr: sucker
PaYPaYStAr: such a _________

Now they've either signed off or blocked me. oh what joy.
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