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It's behind a cut so I can say who got voted off and stuff. SPOILERS LOLZ

General comment: I like that I looked at the cast when they came out and listened to their interviews, because now I know who everyone is on the island. In past seasons it's taken 4 episodes for me to learn everyone's names.

FIRSTLY: I AM SO SO GLAD ERICA IS GONE. I hated her! Hated her hate hate hate hate. Hated her voice. She had some pretty interesting facial expressions though, lol :P
Yeah I know my predictions said she'd be in the final three, but that was because I expected a coattail rider and/or someone I hated to make it there, so I decided to pick one of the UTR seeming players for it. Erica won.

Anthony has had his stock fall a bit. He is not as hot omgiwanttohavebabies on the show as he was in all the previews. HE IS NO LONGER THE HOTNESS OF SURVIVOR from the shallow aesthetic point of view that everyone judges hotness from. He however got tons of points for using the phrase "Bizarro World" - I mean, come on! That's like something I would say! However, I have to question the logic in voting for Sylvia. He knew Erica was going, and it's not like she's on the jury so he's got no reason to get on her good side by voting Sylvia. If you have a chance at being in the majority alliance, for crying out loud, take it.

Boo is becoming quite easy on the eyes. Also, LOL at accident proned. I say LOL far too much.

Cassandra I'm growing to hate. She looks so weird when she smiles. She reminds me of Cirie. And I hated Cirie.

Earl just reminds me of Will Smith. But I'm guessing that's the obligitory "everyone of a different race to me looks the same" thing going on. He killed a snake, though. I like snakes. But it was poisonous and may have tried to eat him maybe?

Edgario got no face time! That sucks! He has a hot accent! (I'm in a "hot accent" phase at the moment)


Rocky is awesome. In the absence of pre-game interviews etc, he'd be my favourite. He's also not bad looking!

Michelle is growing on me. Her voice isn't so annoying any more. She's very cute!

Mookie I don't like. He's trying to be Yul. Yes, I know that the whole season of Cook Islands wasn't shown when they left, BUT HE IS STILL TRYING TO BE YUL.

Rita is looking less ugly by the episode

Sylvia looks like a pain in the ass. She's all bossy and uppity sounding, lol.

Yau-Man Rules! He looked in Sylvia's bag when he hugged her. I love him. I WILL MARRY HIM. Ok maybe not
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Time:2007-02-22 05:08 pm (UTC)
Only just got around to downloading and watching episode 2 and I have some points I'd like to make.

Anthony: I don't really see anything wrong with voting for Sylvia. It isn't as if they are told who voted for who while there are there. In any case, it will be Sylvia that is next on the chopping block anyway. Unless Sylvia can change things up (perhaps by finding the hidden immunity idol) I still see her going out next if Ravu were to lose.

Boo: I don't see how you find him easy on the eyes...

Dreamz: It will be interesting to see if he follows up on his claim that he'll use the million to help out his family should he win. (Call me cynical...)

Erica: I will leave things with a "women + afros != hot" comment.

Yau-Man: The search hug was definitely new and creative. Very smart on his part but, unfortunately, it will be futile this season. Definitely a good example of creative thinking.

Immunity Challenge: That was a pretty big choke on Ravu's part on the challenge. What amazes me is that they really suck at puzzles. Perhaps they are putting the wrong people to do the puzzles. I would have thought, at the very least, that the puzzle was definitely something that Sylvia would have been great at. Yau-Man would also be good too, I think and maybe Anthony as well (it depends on the nature and the extent of his geekdom) Probably not the biggest choke in Survivor history, but I'd say it must be up there.)
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