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Current Music:Klinger - Hello Cruel World
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:Nerdy Shirts Order?
Time:08:12 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative

Anyone interested in jumping on some shipping? I'm thinking of doing an order from these guys.

I have to have their "FREE HUGS" shirt!
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Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:10:10 am
Current Mood:contentcontent
The relief is palpable.

Was planning on doing a project today. I'd already done part of it (about two hours or so worth of work) and had emailed the files back to myself to work on them at home.

Or so I thought!

Turns out the files I emailed back to myself were the ones I downloaded from the project specs page - i.e. ones I hadn't entered.

I had almost resigned myself to driving back to uni to pick up the damn files (or, y'know, just rewrite it all again).

Thank God for the search function.

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Current Music:Wada Kouji - Buttery-Fly
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:05:50 pm
Current Mood:creativecreative
Well, I "photoblogged" on Monday. Of course, the actual photos were not so swift to come, but here they are.

I shamlessly stole the idea from Jovana, and am aware that she didn't invent the concept, but she gave me the idea, so it is on her bandwagon I leapt.

It's mostly photos of roleplaying, because most things that happen to me at uni pale in comparison to it :P

It's probably going to take several days to write description for all these images, there's 80 in all.

Click on the photo to see a full sized version.

Here are some teasers:
free image host  free image host   free image host free image host 
Freeway in the morning, my coffee, Kangaroo, and me beckoning... for you to read under the cut!

More...Collapse )
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Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:Sleep Paralysis
Time:03:55 pm
On Thursday night, it happened.

I was in bed, almost asleep, and I opened my eyes and a feeling of fear consumed me. It was absolutely terrifying. I couldn't move; I was paralysed in my bed, helpless to do anything but watch. I saw a dim recollection of a woman, dressed in clothing circa 1900, baby blue and white in colour with what seemed to be blonde curls. She faded from my eyes, but the feeling of terror remained for a few moments. I turned on the light and calmed myself down.

It was pretty cool, looking back - I've never had sleep paralysis before, and I couldn't believe how terrifying it was!

(When you sleep, there are two basis processes at work - you being unconscious, and your body being paralysed. Sleep walking is the result of the paralysis not working properly; sleep paralysis is the result of the unconsciousness not working properly. It's common - a third of people experience it, IIRC - and lots of people interpret it as alien encounters, demons, ghosts, and such. That's why lots of UFO abduction stories begin with people lying in their bed, terrified and surrounded by strange beings - I don't know why, but it was INCREDIBLY scary to see the woman - really just a dream I was projecting into my room - in the same room as me).

It's been ages since I've made an entry, but, well, I'm not very interesting, I'm afraid :)
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Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:10:09 am
Yeah yeah, do I post about anything else?

Anyway, if I sent you a postcard or letter, let me know that it arrived at your neck of the planet safely here :).

You want one? For about 6 more hours I may take submissions, though no guarantees.

Post your address at this entry: http://madmug.livejournal.com/189953.html
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Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:Postcard Confirmation
Time:01:00 pm
I've written the addresses of:

Meghan & Jay
Trent "McAwesome"
Peter (the gothic Peter)
Steph (the one who feeds kangaroos to lycanthropes)
Peter (the asian Peter)

Kelly, I'm going to be unable to give you an envelope. Sorry.



(post your address, replies are screened so no-one but me can see them)

original post:

Also, comments I reply to will automatically be unscreened.
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Current Music:Arrogant Worms - The Toronto Song
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:"Study before buddies"
Time:08:53 am
Current Mood:dweeby
"Study before buddies" does not show up on google.

I claim full credit for inventing it.

*is going roleplaying tonight, but that is BESIDE THE POINT because she's studying DURING THE DAY*
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Current Music:Willie Nelson - Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:Postcards, etc from Thailand
Time:04:52 pm
Current Mood:distresseddistressed
It's that time of year again, and I'm lucky enough to be going on a family holiday to Thailand :)

Will be gone: 29th June - ~22nd/23rd? July

I had a lot of fun last year writing postcards to a bunch of people, whether I knew them personally or not, so I'm going to do it again this year.

I'll also write probably 3 or 4 (about 6 page) letters to people, but obviously it'll be people I know well, probably IRL as I haven't been active on the internet for the past couple of years because of my new found "real life" :P.

But, postcards I'll be sending quite a few of. Postage is very cheap, as are postcards themselves, AND to top it all off, my parents are paying for it. (It'll cost me maybe the equivilent of $10 for everything I send out)

So, if you want a postcard/letter, give me your name and address, formatted the same way someone would write it on an envelope to send it to you
Joe Bloggs
12 Name Street
Suburb, ####

Also, post whether you'd prefer a postcard or a letter.

And I'd appreciate if you let me know who you are and how you know me, if it's not going to be immediately apparent from your name.

I will send postcards to pretty much EVERYONE who replies. Don't be shy to request a letter, especially if I know you in real life. I'll be sending several letters in any event, so if not enough people request, people who didn't want one may get a RUDE AWAKENING.

All I ask in return is for people to post and let me know their postcard arrived safely - I believe one letter I posted Seb (I posted 3 or 4 envelopes) last year never made it to him.... which is probably for the best ;)

ANYWAY, I AM SCREENING ALL REPLIES SO THAT WAY YOUR ADDRESS WON'T SHOW UP TO ANYONE EXCEPT ME (and possibly you? but that's ok cause you know your address, right?)
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Current Music:Peter Jones' OOP Lecture
Current Location:University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia
Subject:Our Jason
Time:09:11 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Our Jason, who art in Cameron Hall
Hallowed by thy games
Thy new car come
Thy griefing be done
In Mah Jong as it is in Settlers
Give us this day our daily pokemons
And forgive us our saboteurs
As we forgive those who saboteur against us
And least us not into OOTs
But deliver us from Talisman
For thine is the survivor, the internets and the door key
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Subject:heard in unigames
Time:04:56 pm
Otter: "let's all touch Heath's nipples"
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Current Music:Sugar Ray - When It's Over
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:Music Meme
Time:08:49 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
This was stolen from Seb, who in turn stole it from someone else.

I'm posting it solely to make the point that my taste in music is terrible.

1. Put your thing you use to play MP3s on random.
2. Post the first (and occasionally second as well if first line's short) line from the first 20 ENGLISH songs that play, no matter how embarrassing, and let everyone guess what song (and artist) the line is from.
3. Strike the songs when someone guesses correctly.

If any of my songs are covers, I'll allow any artists that have done the same song. Though you get bonus points for guessing which version is likely to be mine!

If you google, you only cheat youtself.

1. The sun is hot and that old clock is movin' slow and so am I
2. When superstars and cannonballs are running through your head
3. You can't imagine so many monkeys in the daily mail
4. Got a call from an old friend
5. When I hear you stop and laugh out loud
6. You waved your hand and it was done
7. I met you before the fall of Rome
8. Lying here with you I watch you while you sleep
* 9. In '59 a song was sung about those chemical elements
10. You don't know how you met me
* 11. En taro adun. I have returned. Let's burn. .... I'm a hardcore gamer like you've never seen
12. Have a little love on a little honeymoon
13. When you walked in I said with a grin "we were just talking about you"
14. He pushed me 'round now I'm drawin' the line
15. I know you think that I shouldn't still love you
16. The bravest thing I've ever done was to run away and hide
17. I don't take my whiskey to extremes
18. Well I was rollin' wheels and shiftin' gears 'round that Jersey Turnpike
19. He promised her a new and better life, out in Arizona
20. On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?

stars = high obscurity, feel free to make guesses on their theme.

I'm curious. GO MY MINIONS.
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Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:Okay huge post
Time:08:55 pm
Here's a huge post.

I've been run off my feet lately, so busy with uni starting up and CSSC.

So here's a huge post of everything:

(it includes the UCC incident)

Firstly, what happened earlier tonight, because I know someone will post this so it may as well be me given it is me:
Possibly NSFW?

Secondly, what happened a few days ago:

Finally, it's my birthday on the 14th. I AM NOT HAVING A PARTY, and there WILL BE NO PARTIES, SURPRISE OR OTHERWISE. If you want to buy me a present, fine, but I don't expect anything. I may or may not bring cake to UniSFA.

Just because I suspect I may be asked, here's a wishlist:
1) Cheap jewellery. I stress the word 'cheap'. Silver tone, NO GOLD. Interesting pendants are good. Failing that, bracelets and earrings are obsessed over
2) no cards. I'd just throw them out and they cost something like 5 bucks. on that note, newspaper or the bag it came in is acceptable wrapping as far as i'm concerned
3) when i told seb I was not having a party he was dissapointed because he said he wanted to do a collection, I have no idea what his plan is (okay i have suspicions...), but it may be wise to contact him about it
4) i'm turning 19. just in case anyone wants to know how old I am.
6) As far as that website I deny playing or liking profusely goes... you don't have to get me anything there, either, though if you want to I do have a wishlist on that website which I don't like and does not exist because I totally think it's silly. I DO NOT PLAY IT.
7) i wouldn't say no to a livejournal subscription. i've been meaning to get one for a while.


Here is a video represnetation of a possible scenario in which a surprise party is held for me:
No swearing. No nudity or gay kissing or anything involved. Unless you count a guy kissing another guy on the cheek.

Car auctions tomorrow. Maybe I'll get a new car *fingers crossed*
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Current Music:Tears For Fears - Mad World
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:01:43 pm
Current Mood:hungry
Well, today I watched myself some survivor: fiji.

general comment: It's quite amazing exactly how cautious you have to be with what you say in the game of Survivor.

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Current Music:Sugar Ray - When It's Over
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:03:02 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
It's behind a cut so I can say who got voted off and stuff. SPOILERS LOLZ

General comment: I like that I looked at the cast when they came out and listened to their interviews, because now I know who everyone is on the island. In past seasons it's taken 4 episodes for me to learn everyone's names.

Here is all my stuff! SPOILERS!Collapse )
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Current Music:Van Morrison - Dancing In The Moonlight
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:My units for 2007
Time:08:07 pm
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
Here's a list of my units for 2007.

Mostly so that way I know what they are without having to log onto student connect.

OLCR is up tomorrow. Must remember to do that.

Academic Year 2007
Teaching Period 2007/1
Unit Code Unit Name Campus Class Status Credit
Mark Grade
CITS1211 Foundations of Computer Science CRAWLEY DAY ENROLLED 6.000 0.125 ** **
CITS2200 Data Structures and Algorithms CRAWLEY DAY ENROLLED 6.000 0.125 ** **
CITS2210 Object-oriented Programming CRAWLEY DAY ENROLLED 6.000 0.125 ** **
MATH2040 Engineering Mathematics CRAWLEY DAY ENROLLED 6.000 0.125 ** **
Teaching Period 2007/2
Unit Code Unit Name Campus Class Status Credit
Mark Grade
CITS1220 Software Engineering CRAWLEY DAY ENROLLED 6.000 0.125 ** **
CIVL1110 Engineering Structures CRAWLEY DAY ENROLLED 6.000 0.125 ** **
CIVL2130 Hydraulics I CRAWLEY DAY ENROLLED 6.000 0.125 ** **
GENG2140 Modelling and Computer Analysis for Engineers CRAWLEY DAY ENROLLED 6.000 0.125 ** **

At least I know people who have done CITS1211 so that way I will be able to be all "oi! Help me! I DO NOT KNOW ABOUT HASKELL OK" and they will be all "DO IT YOURSELF" and I will cry.
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Current Music:Barenaked Ladies - Call And Answer
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:Today was a good day!
Time:12:15 am
Today was a good day. *pause, looks at clock* okay, yesterday.

I had to wake up at 6am, but, in doing so, as well as providing further locomotion services this evening, I have earnt money from my grandfather, who has no license (LONG story) so I drive him around. So, money! Great way to start the day!

Then me and my Mum went looking in the neighbouring suburbs for bulk rubbish. I wanted a bookshelf for my dinosaur collection. Didn't find one, but we found a new computer desk for me! It has a bookshelf incorporated into it, but I'm not sure I'll end up using that because it's in the part of the desk that faces the wall. I could always put the network equipment and computer stuff on those shelves, though. Hmm. Arranging furniture will hve to occur. We couldn't fit the desk in my car, though, so me and Dad are going to get it tomorrow in my grandfather's ute (dad has to come because the ute's manual and I can'd drive manuals)

Then I got an email. Which made me very happy as I totally was not expecting it, thus it was awesome.

I was then like "dad can we get the desk tonight someone might steal it?" and Dad suggests I take all the drawers out, and unscrew one of the legs. So I drove back there with my brother and did that. Now it looks like a crap desk no-one would ever want. SCORE. Also, we bought chips from the Chicken Treat near the house that had the desk. Tomorrow, the desk becomes mine.

... I'll have to clean this room. And wake up early tomorrow. Curse it.

Also, me and Mum disussed storage for my dinosaur collection and we've concluded we don't need a new bookshelf. An existing bookshelf has had some books we don't use removed to be given to friends and relatives with kids of appropriate age, another table will be cleared, and the dinosaurs will be able to be displayed in this room I'm sitting in. Currently, some of the dinosaurs are on the bookshelf that is immediately to my right (as though people would know what I'm referring to :P). They look awesome. I put all the nicest ones, my most favourite ones, on it. Except two of them are in my room currently with necklaces and bracelets stored on them. I have unique storage solutions, OKAY?

And to cap it off, roleplaying for a few hours, which is alwys fun. :D

And I've just finished burning an episode of Survivor: Thailand (episode 9, in case anyone is HUGELY CURIOUS about it. I need to catch up on survivors I missed, as well as rewatch ones I watched when I was like 12 and didn't fully appreciate the awesome), which I am going to begin watching RIGHT WHEN I HIT POST ENTRY.
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Current Music:Jo Dee Messina - Closer
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:11:01 am
Current Mood:contentcontent
Well, this is an "update" of my post here.

First boot was fitting with my assessment of the person in my original comments, however not in fitting with my proposed boot list.

Here's updated opinions on people. Not all players, just a few of them.

Anthony He still rules and is still my favourite player. I want to marry him and have his babies.

Dre Needs to learn how to shut up. But then again, so do I.

Edgario HOTT ACCENT. I'm going through an "OMGACCENT" phase at the moment.

Erica Hatehatehate. Hate her voice, hate her hair. She's my prediction for the next boot.

James/"Rocky" My opinion of him has gone full circle. He doesn't look as horrendous as he did in all the previews. He's quite okay looking, and he seems like an awesome dude. He's now one of my favourites, believe it or not.

Michelle Her voice isn't so annoying on the show as it was in the preview interviews. This can only be good.

Rita Not quite as ugly as she was in the previews, but still ugly.

Yau Man Rules. Enough said.
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Current Music:Stargate SG-1 S6 E08 "The Other Guys"
Current Location:Pasan's House
Time:07:57 pm
Chips + Chilli Powder = Surprisingly Awesome.

Me and Pasan dare each other to eat weird food. The other morning I dared him to eat a banana with vegemite for breakfast. Tonight we had chips for dinner, and he got some of his chilli powder. I ate a chip with it on it, and it was surprisingly nice.

Then I got much more chilli powder, licked a chip, and COATED IT in chilli powder. Then did it again with another chip.

Man. It gives chips such a kick. :D

ramesesniblick3 is going to be mortified upon hearing this.

By the way - I'm currently at a stargate marathon. Finishing the third day of four/five.

Also, I have a job. NOW.
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Current Music:Sara Evans - Saints And Angels
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:Dinosaur Collection
Time:10:06 pm
How many of you knew I collected dinosaurs when I was a kid?

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I have decided to revive my collection. I got it out of our shed, in three backpacks. Yes.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Then I took all the dinosaurs out, and put them on my computer desk. I had to move my keyboard. My mouse was also victimised by a hadrosaur IIRC.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Dinosaurs are all piled up on top of each other, so it probably looks less extensive than it is.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Taking them out filled me with a sense of undescribable joy, and nostalgia. It is so wonderful just to have these things around me :D

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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Current Music:Keith Anderson Ft. Steven Tyler - 3 Chord Country & American Rock N' Roll (Radio Edit)
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:07:07 pm
Current Mood:giddygiddy
A picture speaks a thousand words:

Need I say more?
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Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Time:06:54 pm
Impressions from the early interviews etc. I figure I'd better post this now so that way it is immortalised in all its glory. Just like when I said I thought Lydia would be the first boot in Guatemala :P


Alex - He seems like a very good guy, had a rags to riches sort of thing, a "believe in yourself and you can achieve anything" type story. I suspect he makes the merge. I like him, so I'd be happy to see him there.

Anthony - My favourite player! A video-gaming, LARPing, reasonably HOT looking dude. I'm hoping he wins, he seems very intelligent. He seems to have a real passion for the TV show of survivor, which is awesome to see in a player. He has drive and motivation to get to the end, which is comforting because I think he's probably going to get at least to the middle of the game. My heart will break if he doesn't make the jury. He has a hot voice. :D. He's a mummas boy, living with his mother and grandmother, but I don't care. If he needs a woman in his life, I'm available! *raises hand*

Boo - Seb will never be able to say "Boo!" again without making me think of survivor, I hope he realises. Boo seems to not be too smart, isn't very attractive at all (Though he thinks he is from his interview?) and talks about wanting to use romance to get ahead in the game. Most of the stuff in his interview was about his daily life and past, with no emphasis on how it would help in the game, so I think he's probably pre-jury. And I'm glad.

Cassandra - Another Femgineer! I really, really like her instinctively - she's up there with Anthony. She's a very happy, smiling person with strong religious faith, which is something I respect a lot. I don't know why I like her so much, she just seems so genuinely friendly and personable. I hope, oh gosh how I hope, that she gets into the final 6, and that she isn't an under the radar player, because she's just so NICE. I love her! Her bio says she's a real humanitarian, too, which is always a plus :D

Dre - At first I thought I didn't really like him because his accent was a bit strong, but at the end of the day he seems like a guy who really needs the money, and he seems quite funny. I think he will probably make it to the middle of the game, and I don't think I'll complain if he gets far.

Earl - Looks like Will Smith. Seems to be a smart enough guy from an affluent lifestyle. Just a genuine, down-to-earth kind of guy. I'm thinking he's an early boot, though he seems nice enough and I wouldn't mind if he went far. But I don't think he will.

Edgario - Edgardo's English skills are a bit lacking, but he seems a very nice and intelligent guy, and quite good looking. That said, I'm getting the vibe that he doesn't do very well. Which is a pity, he had a cute accent.

Erica - Don't really like her. She seems like an under the radar player. I really hope she doesn't get far, but she probably will because Masterminds need an under the radar player to come with them for the vote they provide.

Gary - He lived in Perth for a while!! THAT IS ABOUT AS CLOSE TO A LOCAL BOY AS I'm GOING TO GET. I like him on principle: He's over 50 and he seems like a really nice person who would play the social game well. He wouldn't be so good at the physical game, and this might hurt him early on. I hope he'll go far, but I have to be realistic; he'll probably go pre-merge. I hope I'm wrong on this one.

James - I hate him. He just rubs me the wrong way somehow. I hope he fails. He's ugly as.

Jessica - She's GORGEOUS (though I just finished watching James's video so take this with a grain of salt). She seems a very nice, smiling person, not as much as Cassandra though. She is probably the most like me of the castaways. She's a bit skinny though, which will only get worse. That said, probably an early boot. I will hate it if her and Boo hook up. (They both mentioned romantic stuffs in their interview, but I'm sure all the castaways were asked this, but at the same time, both of them got it aired)

Liliana - She's pretty, and athletic looking, too. I really like her, she seems a very strong woman, and we didn't have nearly enough of them on Cook Islands. The only times I don't like strong women is when people are meant to infer that they are a champion of the feminist movement by doing something male-dominated, I didn't get any of that from her. She'll probably be kept for a few episodes, then as the merge approaches/at the merge be booted because she's a challenge threat. I would not complain if she lasted a while, though.

Lisi - Another somewhat pretty one, who is also a strong woman. She's full of confident talk, which of cause makes me like her but at the same time I think she'll probably be an early boot.

Michelle - Her voice grates my nerves. The sooner she goes, the better.

Mookie - Seems a very fun sort of guy. Doesn't seem to have all that much in mind in the way of strategy, though. May be an early boot for bad challenge performance, though I won't complain if he stays.

People below were added Wednesday the 17th of January

Rita - Her eyebrows look weird on her profile picture. She is really, really ugly. Despite her pigtails. She has huge eyebrows and a really narrow face. I, too, have huge eyebrows, and pigtails, but I like to think I look better than her. I am thinking first or second boot, definitely won't make the merge

Stacy - She has brown hair and freckles in her profile picture, which leads me to believe she may be hot. I am not too sure about her face, but, whoa, she has a NICE body. She is my eye candy for this season, as well as Anthony. That said, she seems an early boot, maybe she'll be on the jury if it's got 9 people on it again.

Sylvia - I don't know why, but she annoys me. She's an older woman (52!) but she doesn't look that old, because Asians have discovered the secret to look young even while old. I am hoping for another early boot here.

Yau-Man - He has a cool name, like Cao Boi did. He is another engineer! Cool! He is also a pretty cool dude, he seems very intelligent, geeky (self professed no less!) and funny. That said, he looks old and weak, and all the footage of him on the island was of him alone, so I do not believe he will do very well.

Predicted Performance:
Early Game: Edgario, Mookie, Rita
Pre-Jury: Boo, Earl (earlier?), Gary, Michelle
Early Jury: Dre, Lilliana, James, Jessica, Sylvia
Late Jury: Cassandra, Lisi, Stacy, Yau-Man
Final 3: Alex, Anthony, Erica
Winner: Alex

I am dissapointed at the lack of a flaming homo, though :(
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Current Music: Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman
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Time:11:15 pm
Current Mood:crazycrazy

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Current Music:Disney - Un Nouveau Monde
Current Location:Perth, Western Australia
Subject:A meme!!! wtf?!
Time:09:52 pm
Maybe it's because it's getting on late at night, but here we go:

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Madge!

  1. It's bad luck to whistle near Madge.
  2. It is impossible to fold Madge more than seven times!
  3. Madge can run sixty-five kilometres an hour - that's really fast.
  4. Madge was first discovered by Alexander the Great in India, and introduced to Europe on his return.
  5. There is actually no danger in swimming right after you eat Madge, though it may feel uncomfortable!
  6. The liquid inside Madge can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.
  7. Madge never said 'Play it again, Sam'!
  8. You can tell if Madge has been hard-boiled by spinning her. If she stands up, she is hard-boiled!
  9. Two thirds of the world's eggplant is grown in Madge.
  10. Madge can squeeze her entire body through a hole the size of her beak.
I am interested in - do tell me about

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Subject:My Body
Time:12:23 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
The different internal organs of my body are getting named after various people.

You cannot ask to have one as your namesake. It must be offered. When I say "do you want one of my organs named after you", you get to pick which one more often than not.

All my organs are on offer. Not body parts, but internal organs. I listed a few unclaimed organs.

Just because you have it named after you does not mean you get to use it when I die.

Adrenal Gland (Left)
Adrenal Gland (Right)
Brain (Left Hemisphere)
Brain (Right Hemisphere)
Brain Stem
- Jason
Colon - William
Fallopian Tube (Left)
Fallopian Tube (Right)

Heart - Anna
Intestine (Large)
Intestine (Small)
Kidney (Left)
Kidney (Right)
- Seb
Lung (Left)
Lung (Right)
Mammary Gland (Left)
Mammary Gland (Right)
Ovary (Left)
Ovary (Right)
Parathyroid Gland

Pancreas - Tatsuya
Salivary Gland
Spinal Cord
- Stephanie

Using wikipedia I have made an almost definitive list of organs.

I have also changed the organ that is named after Seb.
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Current Location:Denmark, Western Australia
Subject:Driving Test Tomorrow!
Time:11:28 am
I have my driving steering test tomorrow, at 9:15am AWDT.

If I could have all your thoughts and, if you are so inclined, prayers, I will hopefully prove the old adage that "third time's a charm".

Seriously, I am going to kill this test.

I am going to pass it SO HARD.
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Subject:"Perfect storm" brews over Australia's west
Time:10:04 am
Following is a newspaper article:

Jan 3, 2007 — SYDNEY (Reuters) - Tropical Cyclone Isobel crossed the northwest Australian coast on Wednesday, causing little damage, but weather forecasters warned it may now link up with a deep depression inland to create a destructive "perfect storm."

"It's one of the few occasions as a forecaster that you really do hope your forecast is wrong," Australia's Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Grant Elliott told local radio.

"But unfortunately indications are that it's going to be a very significant, perhaps a once-in-a-generation, storm for this time of year," said Elliott.

Cyclone Isobel, Australia's first tropical cyclone of the season, was rated category one, the lowest in a five-point scale, with winds of up to 100 km per hour (62 miles per hour) near its center.

Isobel caused little damage in sparsely populated Western Australia state but temporarily disrupted offshore oil production by Woodside Petroleum Ltd. and Santos Ltd.

It is expected to weaken below cyclone strength within a few hours as it moves south. But the bureau said remnants of the cyclone will join an inland storm, creating a new destructive storm late on Wednesday or Thursday over Australia's major goldfields in the south of Western Australia.

"We're expecting some quite exceptional winds on Thursday, perhaps reaching 100 to 120 km per hour, so there'll be localized damaging winds and the risk of quite significant livestock losses with the combination of rain and wind producing hypothermia," said the bureau's Elliott.

I'm in Denmark, which is just outside of Albany, which is going to be a huge place for the storm, apparently. Despite that, it's been anticlimatic because the huge winds we were promised have not happened. I was expecting trees falling left and right, cars rolling over, people climbing out of wreckage and then being flung into the air by a particularly vicious gust.

Instead it's been quite cold despite it being JANURARY.

Here's a picture of the storm:

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Peter: I want to go shopping. You want to come with?
Me: sure.

Everywhere was closed despite the fact we both assumed there'd be late night shopping.

So we started driving back to my house.

We stopped at the traffic lights and Peter noticed two smoking hot blonde chicks in a car in front of us, dancing to the music that was playing in their car.

Peter: Man, those blondes are so hot.
Me: Holy fuck! You're right!
Peter: Why does the world torture us with chicks like that? Chicks that hot should not exist!
Me: If they want to have sex with us I'm in.
Peter: Me too. Me too.

Then they turned down the street we were turning down, and I was like "let's follow them!" so we followed them for about 5 minutes, and they went into the marina so we did a u turn and went to my house.

Good times.

Normally I wouldn't've agreed to go shopping because I hate it so much, but I really needed to see a friendly face after last night. I'm glad.

Also, I just remembered an exchange:

Him: My mother is so stupid she told me that "Chanel" is french for "channel"
Me: Ha ha ha, no, French for channel is "chaïne". I know french!
Him: But do you french?
Me: Yes - uh! but not now! I am not doing a demonstration! Fuck!

... ok maybe you had to be there?
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Because I am famous for being just about every conceivable sexual orientation over the course of this year, I've had to make several icons for diferent sexual orientations.

So I've decided to post them here for fear of losing them.

If you want to steal one, feel free. I'd appreciate a comment so I know who is using my icons. And a little credit in the notes section would rule, too :P.

Feel free to request an orientation or a different take on an already icon'd orientation. I don't actually expect anyone to want them and will be (pleasently!) surprised if anyone decides they like them. or something.

Most of my icons have weird transparency, so if you want them to be edited to have white backgrounds like normal icons feel free to ask for it or do it yourself. You can see the full weirdness of the icon as I've put them on black and grey backgrounds for comparison.


credit: www.asexuality.org for the triangle symbol concept thing. (the gradient is an optional part of the symbol)


credit: wikipedia's entry on bisexuality for the icon


credit: www.straightprideusa.com for the symbol. it's actually meant to be a 3D "peg in a box". i chose straightprideusa over the other straight pride websites as it was the only one that didn't have homophobia that i could see in it.
no transparency so i only posted it once
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Subject:Well, goodbye Catholicism. It was fun.
Time:08:52 pm
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Over the past few months, and moreso over the past week or so, I have been doing some serious thinking about my religious beliefs. In the end, I have decided that I cannot identify as a Catholic for the time being, and that I am really best described as an agnostic. Actually, maybe a deist - saying I believe in a god, but don't know anything more specific than that about its nature - may be a better term.

It was something I never put much thought into for most of my life, and over the past few months I began, for wont of a better word, 'losing my faith'. That really doesn't adequately describe it, though; I actually don't think I had all that much faith to begin with, I just believed I did.

Because of this, I decided to spend the last week or so actively thinking about my religious standings in the hopes that I would finally come to some sort of conclusion that would mean I wouldn't have to continue with this subsconscious second-guessing of myself.

The post I made a few days ago was of course part of this; I began realising that the reasons behind my belief were, to put it bluntly, stupid. There are many, many, MANY good reasons to have religious beliefs as all the posts I got proved - everyone who posted had very well justified beliefs. The posts themselves didn't push me into the decision; I was already pretty confident it was the way I was going, the posts just helped me validate that decision.

I don't believe any more or less in the catholic dogma than I did prior to 'giving up' the label - that's just what it is, a label, like whether Pluto is a planet or not or whatever sexual orientation I think I am this week, it doesn't change the reality. The only change in my life that this will effect is that I will no longer follow catholic teachings just because they are catholic teachings, but only if I believe they are justified in themselves. My philosophy in life has always been "you can do whatever you like as long as no-one gets hurt by it", so that is how I will continue to live.

The reasons I had catholic beliefs were, as I said, not really the best reasons. here's one or two.

The fallacy of argument from consequences - I really, really, REALLY wanted God to exist, an afterlife to exist, and forgiveness for the wrongs we commit to exist because if they didn't it would suck. Just because I want it to be true doesn't make it true; when I buy scratch'n'win tickets, I want them to have the big prize under those squares, but that doesn't mean it will. It doesn't mean it's not true, either, but it's not a valid reason to believe it to be true as far as I'm concerned - if I said to you "my scratch'n'win ticket is going to win, because I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want it to", you'd think I was being a bit silly, and rightly so.

I didn't want to have to deal with having to make decisions on my own; having decisions about my life already made for me was very comforting because it meant that I didn't have responsibility to decide things for myself like whether I'd get an abortion if I were raped, when I'd have sex, etc. I think that was probably one of the things I liked most about my religion.

That said, just because I personally don't think these reasons I had were especially good, doesn't mean that I'm right in this decision or that I believe that other people who have religious beliefs like this are misguided or whathaveyou. As I'm sure everyone knows, religious beliefs are a VERY personal thing, and it is very possible that I am completely and totally wrong about everything.

I still have a great respect for catholicism because I believe most of the teachings are pretty good, and that as a system of moral values it is a good thing. I hope that the theological aspect of it is also there. I also hope that one day I will have better reasons for belief and I will be able to return to catholicsm. But I felt my reasons for believing in Catholicism were like someone saying they believed the Pythagorean Theorem because it would make maths problems a lot easier to work out; what they believe is true, but their reason for it is shallow and denies the beauty of the real thing, if my analogy makes any sense at all.

Over the years Catholicism has done good things for me; last year especially it was one of the things that helped me get through without doing anything to hurt myself. Even when I had no friends and no-one to talk to, it was really reassuring to know that God was there for me, to listen to my prayers, and that He would love me no matter what. I'm not sure whether the emotional boost God gave me was the actual work of God or simply my own mind, a sort of placebo effect.

I hope that God can understand my reasons for this, and that one day I'll have reasons to return to the faith.

But for now, I'm a lost sheep; and I feel liberated.

I wasn't sure whether to make this private or not. I decided not to, just in case people were wondering why I had that poll on my journal or something...
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Subject:So what's everyone believe?
Time:07:27 pm
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Take some time to answer this little poll:

What do you believe, religiously? What are your personal motivations behind this belief?


"I believe we were created by a race of little pink leprechauns because one day I followed one of them into their secret leprechaun base and they told me this."

"I believe in a god who is a three-headed turtle with sheep arms, because that is how i was raised and I hear the three headed turtle's voice in my head"

or something more believable like:

"I believe in the christian god because i believe the bible is literal truth"

"I'm an athiest because there's no proof for the existence of god"

Except more elaborate. I'm curious as to peoples' motivations behind their beliefs.

I have one rule though: no trying to convert people to your belief or ridiculing the beliefs of others. If someone posts saying they think Hitler was god because Jews suck or something, that's their belief and they're entitled to it. I'll delete posts that are mocking. I also promise I won't mock anyone's beliefs.

I'm just interested at the moment as to the different ways people justify their personal beliefs. I'd really appreciate it if you could all post, it would mean a lot to me.


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